USA versus Britain

The USA have Facebook (80 million), Myspace (110 million), Bebo (40 million) and Orkut (67 million). Great Britain just has Faceparty (possibly as much as 200,000 – maybe drop a zero). Ok, member count does not necessarily make it a better site.

The USA are obsessed with look and are on a constant battle to lose weight while the British are just ok the way they are. For example in the United States dietary supplements to lose weight like green coffee bean extract are all the craze even though it is not certain scientifically if it works at all. But millions of people buy these weight loss pills. Whereas in the UK the sales of this type of products are much lower.

I could go on all day here, seriously, but the two main examples above (’social networking’ and ‘music channels’) are closely linked. America have their too commercial edge, let’s admit it, that is bad. However, the British ‘counterparts’ always go for the “we aren’t corporate” style.

Note that Faceparty is a commercial limited company ‘trading(?)’ under the name Anarchy Towers Ltd, yet they claim to be doing it as a hobby, volunteering on what was a really high traffic website with all the bandwidth costs, premises costs, advertising and such like with their job seekers, money, shoutout revenue and upgrades (cool tools and avs).

Channel U is a commercial company trading under VITV Plc (Video Interactive TV) – their channel is run like a “pirate” tv station, all unprofessional and also has the same “non-commercial” tag to it. I repeat, I hate all this corporate stuff and I will support local websites that are not going down that route, however, the thing with these sort of companies are indeed corporate themselves, where america are better at marketing and sticking stuff down your throat. And basically bullying you into things, these British companies will lie to their ‘customers’ and take advantage of people wanting to support local “non-commercial” community style websites.

I think why people buy cool tools when other sites are FREE – it’s about supporting “your own”… If faceparty was a genuine non-commercial non-profit social networking community website then I would also pay to help support the site and be part of it. But faceparty being a non-profit? That is all a lie! That’s not a clever legit marketing tactic though – its fraud and misleading advertising.

There are 3 possible routes to go down with Social Networking.

  1. non-commercial: maybe become a charity or properly formed organisation – volunteers or paid
  2. corporate: site purpose is making money, the ‘networking’ stuff is just to expose you to the adverts (myspace comes to mind) or to buy other services… even though it’s possible to network well
  3. scam route: be corporate but act non-commercial in order to profit from ‘donations’ by people wanting to help the ‘volunteers’ and kep the site running
  4. The first route has no money in it: it’s not designed to be. The second route of being brave and going corporate (but keeping some non-corporate values to keep it a good site – if you do not u mess up) has huge amounts of money in it. The last route, the scam route, can make money fast, but doesn’t normally work long term.

    Faceparty did well to stretch it out so long so well done to them. I thought 3 years down their route would be max but seems a lot of people are naive to believe their lies – but saying that, its understandable. There is nothing to say its a business apart from the copyright notice.

    Also, people got upset when I said faceparty were going down hill etc. Facebook has taken over myspace, and myspace are having problems too now (market too saturated) but not on the same level of course.

    As a British person, we basically invented the world, had the largest empire ever (Romans looked a joke in comparison) and now it seems everything is going down hill. Having said that HSBC is worlds largest corporation now (would not be if they gave half decent rates of interest! lol) Tesco’s doing well…. (even though america’s Walmart is bigger lol), but it seems we cant produce so much anymore.

    There are many other companies similar, but why do companies want to rip off the public? Why do businesses here over-price things too much then say america (exchange rates included)??

    Comments? Thoughts? Can the British ever produce anything great ever again?