Explore the 7 Active Volcanoes of Guatemala

pacayaVisitors flock to Guatemala each year for its stunning Spanish architecture, Mayan ruins and rich natural beauty. The numerous volcanoes found in the country are some of the most popular attractions. Over 20 volcanoes can be seen in Guatemala, with seven remaining active. The active volcanoes are Fuego, Atitlan, Santa Maria, Acatenango, Almolonga, Pacaya and Tajumulco. Each one offers a unique different landscape and view.

One of the popular volcanoes is Pacaya. This volcano is visible from Guatemala City at a distance of around 20 miles south. The volcano is located within the Pacaya National Park, which can be easily accessed from both Guatemala City and Antigua. Tourists regularly climb the Pacaya volcano, allowing them to see lava up close and personal. It is said to have last erupted in 2010.

Volcan de Fuego is found just ten miles away from the historical city of Antigua. It is visible along the horizon, along with two other dormant volcanoes. Fuego is a tremendous volcano, which just recently erupted lava and ash in 2012. Hiking this volcano requires a two day trip and top physical condition. For a less intense hike, you can also access the Acatenango Volcano from Antigua. The trek takes around 6 hours and offers gorgeous sunset views of Fuego on the horizon.

If you want to see the most stunning views Guatemala has to offer, Atitlan and Santa Maria must be on your list. Atitlan is surrounded by several small villages and the port entry of Pana. The trek to the top of Atitlan requires patience and skill. Hikers are rewarded with the famous view of Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake of Central America. Santa Maria can be found right outside Quetzaltenango, the second largest city of Guatemala. Santa Maria has become a favorite attraction for the nighttime erupting Santiaguito crater located below.

Tajumulco is the tallest volcano in all of Central America. Hiking Tajumulco can be quite a challenge and a guide is usually recommended. It’s not uncommon to find snow and ice at the top of this volcano. To explore Tajumulco, begin in the city of San Marcos, located in western Guatemala.

Finally, Almolonga is also known as Cerro Quemado or the burned mountain. This lava dome complex is the youngest of all the country and can be found outside Quetzaltenango. Almolonga is becoming a popular attraction for its hot springs.

It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of Guatemala‘s volcanoes. No matter which you choose to view, you’re bound to enjoy the expansive landscape and natural wonders. You may find that one trip to Guatemala is not enough to fully submerge yourself in all the country has to offer.

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