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USA versus Britain

The USA have Facebook (80 million), Myspace (110 million), Bebo (40 million) and Orkut (67 million). Great Britain just has Faceparty (possibly as much as 200,000 – maybe drop a zero). Ok, member count does not necessarily make it a better site. The USA are obsessed with look and are on a constant battle toRead More »

Arrival in Guatemala

When you get to Guatemala City, the Aurora airport (which is being renovated, but the biggest part of the work is finished), you have several options to get to your first destination. We will start with more comfortable forms of transportation ( but a little more expensive). If you go to Antigua, usually a shuttleRead More »

Explore the 7 Active Volcanoes of Guatemala

Visitors flock to Guatemala each year for its stunning Spanish architecture, Mayan ruins and rich natural beauty. The numerous volcanoes found in the country are some of the most popular attractions. Over 20 volcanoes can be seen in Guatemala, with seven remaining active. The active volcanoes are Fuego, Atitlan, Santa Maria, Acatenango, Almolonga, Pacaya andRead More »

Visit Guatemala’s Top Historic Sites and Natural Beauties

Guatemala is quickly becoming one of the hottest travel destinations in Latin America. Located just to the south of Mexico, this developing country marks the entry point for many tourists on a Central American holiday. Visitors flock there each year to explore the ancient Mayan ruins, colonial cities and immense biodiversity. For travelers who loveRead More »